About Us

KING ANN (KING AN), founded in 1994, is a professional manufacturer of cold-forming machines which produce bolts, nuts, hand tools, automotive & motorcycle parts, and other special parts.

King Ann’s main markets include: Taiwan, China, Brazil and several South East Asian countries, though King Ann’s machines can also be found in other parts of the world including: Germany, Poland, Turkey, Korea, India, Italy and many more.

In response to continued business demands and market trends, in 2001, Shanghai Biau Li Machinery Co., LTD, a branch in Shanghai China, was established. Biau Li is to facilitate the business expansion for the Chinese market.

Main Products/Service:

3 Station Bolt Former, 4 Station Bolt Former, 5 Station Bolt Former, 5 and 6 Station Special Parts Former, 5 and 6 Station Short Parts Former, 5 Station Nut Former, 5 and 6 Station Long Stroke Nut Former.